Partial List of Books and Articles

United States Supreme Court Declines to Mandate Class Arbitration in its Recent Decision of Lamps Plus, Inc. v. Varela

Louisiana Bar Journal
October/November 2019

One on One with Louisiana Supreme Court Associate Justice Scott J. Crichton

Louisiana Bar Journal
April 2017

One on One with Louisiana Supreme Court Associate Justice John L. Weimer

Louisiana Bar Journal
August/September 2015

Case Note: Binding Arbitration Clause in Lawyer-Client Retainer Agreement

Louisiana Bar Journal
October/November 2014, Case Note by the Publications Subcommittee of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Ethics Advisory Committee (Committee Member and Primary Author)

Drafting Non-competition Agreements For Statutory Compliance: Exceptions that Prove the Rule

Louisiana Bar Journal
December 2011

Judge Alvin Rubin: Lessons in Ethics and Professionalism

Around the Bar, A publication of the Baton Rouge Bar Association
June 2011

The Enforceability of Contractual Agreements to Arbitrate: A Survey of the Last Three Years of Jurisprudence

Louisiana Bar Journal 
October/November 2008

The Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements By and Against Non-Signatories: A Review of the Jurisprudence

Journal of American Arbitration
May 2003

Anthony M. DiLeo and Judge Alvin B. Rubin, Law Clerk Handbook:  A Handbook for Federal District and Appellate Court Law Clerks (Federal Judicial Center 1977)

This book of approximately 400 pages was commissioned by the Federal Judicial Center, the administrative organization that operates the federal courts.  The Handbook was distributed by the Federal Judicial Center to all federal appellate and district judges and their law clerks.  It has been cited in reported federal court proceedings (and quoted by Judge Richard A. Posner in The Federal Courts: Crisis and Reform, 1985, Harvard University Press "The Rise of the Law Clerk"). In 1989, the Handbook was updated by Judge Rubin and Laura B. Bartell, Esq., and it has been updated and superseded a number of times. (link to current handbook)

Ancillary Facilities for Physicians in the 1990s: Formation and Dissolution

Clark Boardman Callaghan, Health Law on CD-ROM The National Health Lawyer's Association 1995

Planning For the Payment of Federal Estate Tax After the Tax Reform Act of 1976

Published in the Louisiana Revised Statutes 1977
Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, pocket part (West Publishing Co.)

Introduction to the Mandatory Petroleum Allocation Regulations

Louisiana Bar Association Journal
September 1974

Developments in Section 269 of the Internal Revenue Code

American Bar Association Journal
August 1973
(Cited in Bittker and Eustice, Federal Income Taxation of Corporations.)

Paul O.H. Pigman, 1922—2002: An Exemplary Professional

Briefly Speaking, New Orleans Bar Association
Winter 2002  (link to article)
This article was based upon a eulogy delivered at the funeral of Paul Pigman, Esq. on April 27, 2002.

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